Investing is a good way to build up a pension. Are you already investing for your pension, but would you like to switch providers?

That’s possible and doesn’t take much effort at all. At least, if both providers participate in the Protocol for Streamlining Capital Transfers. Read how this works here. Many people invest with tax breaks for their pensions. This means that they can deduct the investment from their income in the tax return. One of the conditions for this is that an annuity is purchased later from the accrued capital. Until then, the capital is fixed with the provider. You cannot freely dispose of it, in that case it’s a smart move to choose one courtier en ligne en France. 

Is fund investing a smart choice?

Because of the costs of the fund manager, often a percentage of your investment, the return is usually lower than when you invest yourself. But the risk is usually also slightly lower. Nevertheless, your capital is not guaranteed even with fund investing. In the long term, however, investing in a fund can yield more than a savings account.

Retain tax benefits

Of course you want to keep these tax advantages if you switch. To do so, the money must be transferred ‘silently’ for tax purposes. This means that both the old and the new provider handle the transfer according to the rules of the Tax and Customs Administration. Otherwise it may happen that the capital no longer meets the conditions at a certain point in time, resulting in a tax assessment.To prevent this from happening, a large group of financial institutions have agreed with each other on how exactly they will arrange the transfer. This is called the Protocol Streamlining Capital Transfers, or PSK.

  • All members of the Dutch Association of Insurers and the Dutch Banking Association apply this protocol. In addition, many large investment institutions are affiliated to it. So there is a good chance that you will be able to make use of them in the event of a transfer.

Why switch?

There may be various reasons why you want to switch from one bank, insurer or investment institution to another with your pension product. Perhaps another institution appeals to you more, or is more committed to sustainable or ethical investment. Or you expect that the new provider will make more return with your investments. It is also possible that another provider will charge you less, which can save you a lot of money on pension investments.Retirement often involves a considerable amount of capital, so it’s worth weighing up your choice carefully. For a comparison of the offer, conditions and costs of the various pension investment providers, you can consult the reviews in this overview.

What does execution only investment mean? Some things you need to know about this subject!

If you have enough knowledge of investing, you can trade in shares and investment funds yourself without any advice. This is called execution only and it is by far the cheapest way of investing. The other side of the coin is that it is entirely your own fault if things go wrong. Who is execution only investing for? And is it possible to invest in online brokers vergelijken in The Netherlands.

Three ways to invest

If you want to start investing, you can choose from three ways: asset management, investing with advice and execution only.

  • With asset management, you completely outsource the investment, but you do agree with the asset manager what goal you want to achieve and how much risk you are willing to take. This is the most expensive form of investment.
  • When you invest with advice, you invest yourself, but you get advice from an expert. It is up to you whether you follow that advice. The investment institution passes on the costs of the advice to the investor, but on average this is less than with asset management.
  • With execution only, you determine all your purchases and sales yourself. You do not receive any advice, at most general information about investment instruments, price charts and sometimes course material. This is the cheapest form of investment.

For whom is execution only?

Before you can start investing without advice, you need to complete an (online) questionnaire about your knowledge and experience with investing. The investment institution is obliged to submit such a questionnaire to you. Based on your answers, you will receive an advice or execution only that suits you best. If you pass the test, the investment institution may assume that you have sufficient knowledge and insight to invest independently.

  • You are then fully responsible for your own investment decisions. If the test shows that you know too little about investing, the investment institution will advise you another way of investing or saving. You do not have to follow that advice. If the investment institution allows you to open an investment account with which you can trade on the stock exchange yourself, you may simply do so. The danger is that you will buy something on the stock exchange that does not suit you, for example because it is too risky. If you lose money as a result, you cannot turn to the investment institution to claim compensation.

Execution only and investing in funds

If you do not have enough knowledge and time to invest on the stock exchange yourself, you may be able to participate in investment funds without advice. In this way, you can invest in several shares or bonds at once, so that the spread is well-regulated. Even then, you still need knowledge and time to choose one or more investment funds that fit your purpose. But that is easier and less risky than investing in separate options like Apple aandelen kopen in 2021.

What Is the Best Strategy When You Want to Start Investing in Stocks? A Few Tips and Tricks From Brokers Acting in the Netherlands.

All successful investors have one thing in common: They use a strategy. Or a combination of different strategies. So successful investors know what they are doing. They will never buy stocks haphazardly, but act with a certain thought. Below we explain the most popular strategies. Important to know: there is no right or wrong strategy. So determine a method that suits you and then apply it with this dutch website about Aandelen kopen in 2021.

1. Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis involves taking a close look at the company’s results. All kinds of different information can be used for this. Listed companies are obliged to publish quarterly and annual figures. On the basis of various figures, results and expectations it is determined whether the share is attractive to buy.

The data which are used for the fundamental analysis are not fixed. These are questions that are often asked during the performance of a fundamental analysis:

– Is the company coming out with new products?

– What revenue expectations are predicted?

– Did these expectations come true in the past?

– What strategy does the company employ?

– Does the company pay dividends to its shareholders?

– What do these issues look like at other companies in the same industry?

2. Technical analysis

Technical analysis is opposite to fundamental analysis. This is because during technical analysis the company’s results are not examined. Instead, the price is analyzed by means of various (calculation) methods. There are dozens of indicators that are used during technical analysis of CFD Trading.

Most online brokers have these indicators built in, so you don’t have to do the calculations yourself. Still, it takes quite some time and practice to understand how all these indicators work. Those who use technical analysis combine several indicators that they believe give a reliable picture.

Penang Durian

In Malaysia this football size organic product shape round to stretch and shading green to greenish bronze and its substance light yellow to red, contingent upon the species with sharp spines as the “Ruler of Fruits”. Durian logical name is Durio zibethinus Murr has a place with the Bombaceae family and is local from sumatera, Indonesia. The durian tree filled in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine and Vietnam.

The name Durian is coming about because of the Malay word “duri” which mean thistle, because of its thick, brutal and prickly husk. The solid, scrumptious smell and delicious substance of the durian which no other natural product can be camparable. Surface of good durian tissue should be felt dry on at the tip of your finger when gently contact/push on the most external layer of the substance, with delicate and rich surface overall. Must attempt it while you are visiting to Malaysia. The Durian contains 4 to 6 regions, with 1 to 4 seeds each in custard-like aril which is whitish-cream yellow,yellow orange in shading with taste sweet or harsh or soul depend to Durian species.

Some well known species is Red prawn (Campaign with serious long periods of Durian Competition), XO, D24, D99, D123, D145, D158, D159 and D169. Durian is an occasional organic product efficiency from April until July in northern, for example, Balik Pulau,Penang while in southern, for example, Johor,the productivite is June until September.

In Malaysia, it became gigantic in Penang particularly at Balik Pulau, Perak, Kedah, Kelantan,Terrengganu, Johore and Pahang. The durian tree produce organic products following 4 to 5 years planted. It can grows up to 50 meters high with square shape 10 to 20 centimeters in length evergreen leaves.The durian tree can live for quite a long time if not harmed by lightning, soil supplement lost and illness. The natural product take 3 months to mature after blossom fertilization with 30 to 40 centimeters in length and weight from 1kg to 12 kilograms.

How to gather the durian organic product? The appropriate response is holding up the age durian natural product falls itself to ground. This is the best an ideal opportunity to eat a scrumptious and elegant as it is new enough with its source favor. The durian natural product looses its courtesies and quality following 4 days. The picked of taste great durian is search for new, huge and strong stem with the organic product is shaken, there is a sound of seeds moving inside the natural product showing readiness. Some Malaysian eat with Pulut Durian (rice steamed with coconut milk and presented with matured durian).

In Malaysia, it became enormous in Penang particularly at Balik Pulau,,Perak, Kedah, Kelantan,Terrengganu, Johore and Pahang. The durian tree produce natural products following 4 to 5 years planted. It can grows up to 50 meters high with square shape 10 to 20 centimeters in length evergreen leaves. The durian tree can live for quite a long time if not harmed by lightning, soil supplement lost and infection. The natural product take 3 months to mature after bloom fertilization with 30 to 40 centimeters in length and weight from 1kg to 12 kilograms.

Singapore Durian Fruit

Brilliant Flesh durian

I don’t look beautiful, with spikes everywhere all over.

I may not be anything but difficult to deal with, practice some consideration when taking care of me, you won’t be harmed.

Handle me with care, and I’ll deal with you with more noteworthy consideration.

I smelled solid and will abandon my brand name fragrant so you’ll recall me for at any rate 3 days.

Need to have a sample of me? Indeed, you’ll love it and fail to remember me not!

Now and then I taste harsh, here and there sweet, generally smooth, and whatever the taste, I leave a solid fragrance.

On the off chance that you dare, you might need to accept my most grounded taste so far, you’ll be flushed by my OX taste.

I looked monstrous outside yet in the event that you need to open up to me, you can see my pretty substance, yellow, grayish or red to assuage your hunger.

Indeed, you may state I don’t care for your solid smell, allow yourself to attempt, you’ll love it.

It is my fragrance that gives you never-ending impression, don’t abandon me.

In any case, in the event that you incline toward me to be your greater sibling, attempt me THE BIG DURIAN.

Spiky yet ideal to be inside. A definitive Durian

I looked special outwardly, A BIG SPIKY DURIAN.

Come and commotion with me, you will hear instrumental.

Drench in expressions, excellent music and execution.

You’d be suffocated and mermerised within me by unending music, melodies, play talking and pleasant surrounding sound.

I am your BIG DURIAN now!

You’ll cherish or Hate me.

Some adoration me since I give awesome diversion however loathe me on the grounds that need to make installment.

Love what I am as I don’t segregate, and I had just cherished what you are.

I somewhat bustling now, till at that point… return for a greater amount of my notes.

Love you much for perusing, God favor.