Investing is a good way to build up a pension. Are you already investing for your pension, but would you like to switch providers?

Investing is a good way to build up a pension. Are you already investing for your pension, but would you like to switch providers?

That’s possible and doesn’t take much effort at all. At least, if both providers participate in the Protocol for Streamlining Capital Transfers. Read how this works here. Many people invest with tax breaks for their pensions. This means that they can deduct the investment from their income in the tax return. One of the conditions for this is that an annuity is purchased later from the accrued capital. Until then, the capital is fixed with the provider. You cannot freely dispose of it, in that case it’s a smart move to choose one courtier en ligne en France. 

Is fund investing a smart choice?

Because of the costs of the fund manager, often a percentage of your investment, the return is usually lower than when you invest yourself. But the risk is usually also slightly lower. Nevertheless, your capital is not guaranteed even with fund investing. In the long term, however, investing in a fund can yield more than a savings account.

Retain tax benefits

Of course you want to keep these tax advantages if you switch. To do so, the money must be transferred ‘silently’ for tax purposes. This means that both the old and the new provider handle the transfer according to the rules of the Tax and Customs Administration. Otherwise it may happen that the capital no longer meets the conditions at a certain point in time, resulting in a tax assessment.To prevent this from happening, a large group of financial institutions have agreed with each other on how exactly they will arrange the transfer. This is called the Protocol Streamlining Capital Transfers, or PSK.

  • All members of the Dutch Association of Insurers and the Dutch Banking Association apply this protocol. In addition, many large investment institutions are affiliated to it. So there is a good chance that you will be able to make use of them in the event of a transfer.

Why switch?

There may be various reasons why you want to switch from one bank, insurer or investment institution to another with your pension product. Perhaps another institution appeals to you more, or is more committed to sustainable or ethical investment. Or you expect that the new provider will make more return with your investments. It is also possible that another provider will charge you less, which can save you a lot of money on pension investments.Retirement often involves a considerable amount of capital, so it’s worth weighing up your choice carefully. For a comparison of the offer, conditions and costs of the various pension investment providers, you can consult the reviews in this overview.


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