Singapore Durian Fruit

Singapore Durian Fruit

Brilliant Flesh durian

I don’t look beautiful, with spikes everywhere all over.

I may not be anything but difficult to deal with, practice some consideration when taking care of me, you won’t be harmed.

Handle me with care, and I’ll deal with you with more noteworthy consideration.

I smelled solid and will abandon my brand name fragrant so you’ll recall me for at any rate 3 days.

Need to have a sample of me? Indeed, you’ll love it and fail to remember me not!

Now and then I taste harsh, here and there sweet, generally smooth, and whatever the taste, I leave a solid fragrance.

On the off chance that you dare, you might need to accept my most grounded taste so far, you’ll be flushed by my OX taste.

I looked monstrous outside yet in the event that you need to open up to me, you can see my pretty substance, yellow, grayish or red to assuage your hunger.

Indeed, you may state I don’t care for your solid smell, allow yourself to attempt, you’ll love it.

It is my fragrance that gives you never-ending impression, don’t abandon me.

In any case, in the event that you incline toward me to be your greater sibling, attempt me THE BIG DURIAN.

Spiky yet ideal to be inside. A definitive Durian

I looked special outwardly, A BIG SPIKY DURIAN.

Come and commotion with me, you will hear instrumental.

Drench in expressions, excellent music and execution.

You’d be suffocated and mermerised within me by unending music, melodies, play talking and pleasant surrounding sound.

I am your BIG DURIAN now!

You’ll cherish or Hate me.

Some adoration me since I give awesome diversion however loathe me on the grounds that need to make installment.

Love what I am as I don’t segregate, and I had just cherished what you are.

I somewhat bustling now, till at that point… return for a greater amount of my notes.

Love you much for perusing, God favor.


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